A play about the world of childhood for both the young and the adults

"An adult is a person who knows everything, who has learned everything from his mother" (Augustė, 6)

"School for me is a building to which I go every working day to study, so that later I would not have to sweep the streets" (Laura, 10)


"Love is a feeling, e.g. warmth we feel next to another person" (Justina, 11)


"The theatre is a funny and interesting tale for me, which I do not need to read myself" (Kamilė,13)


"When we were little, we were surrounded by a very strange world. Everyone around us was so big and wanted something from us. When we got a little older, we started going to school. There we experienced all sorts of things: friendship, love, betrayal, joy and envy.


Then we dreamed of what we'd become when we grew up.


When we grew up, we remembered childhood pranks, adventures and stories that could be used to write a funny and interesting book.


But we're not writers, so we decided to act it all out instead.


This is how the performance "When I was Little" was born.


(Martyna 27, Eimantas 29, Vesta 30, Vaidotas 38 - Actors of the Keistuolių theatre)



Memories were laid out by: Vaidotas Žitkus

Memories were returned by: Ramunė Skrebūnaitė

Music for memories was selected by: Sigitas Mickis

Memories were shared by: Eimantas Bareikis, Vesta Šumilovaitė, Vaidotas Žitkus



Performance for people from 4 years of age

Duration - 60 minutes

Premiere 26 October 2016


Performance sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!

Photo and video