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Musical performance for children

 Told according to the motives of Lyman Frank Baum story "Wizard Of Oz"

 "Yellow Brick Road" is a completely new production of the well-known Keistuolių theatre play "Sorcerer of the Emerald City". The performance, which has been on the stage for 11 years, was reborn after five years in whole new colours, with completely different actors, with a different name but unforgettable songs and undeniable truths, because as many actors from Keistuolių theatre say, "The most important thing is to see miracles in simple things!"

This story began when one little girl named Dorothy got tired of everything: houses, books and even toys. Then a huge storm, caused by the evil sorceress Gingema, flew the girl from her native Kansas to a distant, mysterious and unfamiliar country.

But it is written in the magic book: "The little girl that was brought to the Wonderland by a hurricane will be brought home by the Great Wizard of the Emerald City if she fulfills the holiest desires of three creatures.”

Meanwhile, the winding Yellow Brick Road, which is full of surprises and dangers, led to the city of Emerald...

If you are curious and brave, you are not afraid of witches and sorcerers, we invite you to travel with Dorothy over the Yellow Brick Road "to the city of Dreams, where emeralds sparkle." Then you will see for yourselves whether the little girl managed to reach the Emerald City, and you will find out whether Dorothy returned to her native home safe and sound.

And we wish that your holiest desires and most beautiful dreams come true. "It's all about just wanting, trying, and believing."

Screenwriter and director - Aidas Giniotis

Stage designer and costume designer - Ramunė Skrebūnaitė

Composers: Aidas Giniotis and Andrius Kulikauskas

On stage:

Narrator - Giedrius Kiela

Dorothy - Jovita Jankelaitytė 

Fairy - Ieva Stundžytė

Scarecrow - Danas Kamarauskas

Tin Woodman - Jurgis Marčėnas / Eimantas Bareikis

Cowardly Lion - Justas Tertelis

Witch Gingema - Judita Urnikytė

Guardian of the Gates - Aidas Giniotis

Wizard of Oz - Jonas Sharkus

Recommended for children from 4 years of age

Duration - 1 hour 50 minutes (with 1 intermission)

Premiere - 7 February 2009

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!

Photo and video