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– Visi žiūrovai nuo 16 metų turi turėti Galimybių pasą,

o nuo kovo 1 d. ir nuo 12 metų ir 2 mėn. pateikti Galimybių pasą pasiskiepijus arba pažymėjimo persirgus Covid.

Po PGR testo neigiamo atsakymo, suformuoto, nebūtinas GP, pakanka testo atsakymą įrodančio dokumento, kuris galioja 72 val.

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– Nesilaikant šių taisyklių, bus paprašyti palikti renginį ir pinigai už bilietus nebus grąžinami.

Sąlygos besilankantiems renginiuose gali bet kada pakeisti pagal LR Vyriausybės sprendimus.

Musical performance for children based on the  tales of D. Bissett

If the rain makes a puddle,

Let's jump over it - hop!

If we meet an angry dog,

Let's greet him - hop!

If we insulted a friend,

Let's apologize - hop!

We can solve any problem

With a simple - hop!

If we feel down,

Let's sing - hop!

If we run into any kind of trouble,

Let's get over it - hop!

If we are caught by fear in the darkness,

Let's shoo it away - hop!

And all other misfortunes -

Hop and hop and hop!

When you know the magical way,

How to improve a bad mood,

Keep going until you lift the gallop

Mood with the magical HOP HOP HOP!

The creator of incredible stories - the English writer Donald Bissett - who is well-known to the youngest and grown-up friends of Keistuolių theatre, are once again set on the stage of Keistuolių theatre! While the parents still remember the tales and songs of "Next Time" and "Upside Down" performances that were so engaging that they could not sit still and which they got to see almost thirty years ago, and their offsprings, together with the goose Willy go wild in the play "Beep Beep", director Aidas Giniotis with the young Keistuolių theatre actors cannot stay still and present a new musical performance for the whole family - "HOP!". Set in five different tales by Bissett, a thrilling theatrical adventure into the magical, upside-down world will take anyone who dares to cheer HOP! and get caught in the whirlwind of the weirdest and most unexpected stories.

Actors: Džiugas Širvys, Matas Pranskevičius, Lukas Auksoraitis, Gintautas Ulmis, Tautvydas Galkauskas,  Urtė Smulskytė, Diana Kamarauskaitė, Aištė Šestokaitė, Lyja Maknavičiūtė.

Screenwriter and director - Aidas Giniotis

Designer and costume designer - Ramunė Skrebūnaitė


For children from 5 years of age.

Premiere - 1 December 2018

Duration - 50 minutes

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!


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