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Visi žiūrovai nuo 16 metų turi turėti Galimybių pasą.
– Renginyje privaloma dėvėti veido kaukes, dengiančias nosį ir burną arba apsaugines veido priemones asmenims nuo 6 m. amžiaus.
– Nesilaikant šių taisyklių, bus paprašyti palikti renginį ir pinigai už bilietus nebus grąžinami.

Different generations are differently familiar with the movie “Nut bread“, which is laying down in the classical film and theatre foundation. “Vilniaus Keistuolių Teatras“ gives a fresh breath of air for this classical movie. 

The director of the play Aidas Giniotis and different generation actors from “Vilniaus Keistuolių Teatras“ created open, a little bit painful, hilarious and extremely sad play for senior students, youth and for all the old generation who remembers the taste of the carefree days of life. This play is created by a short story, written by Saulius Šaltenis. The play tells a story about young boy from a small last century town, Andrius Šatas and his beloved Liuka. Their bright love story is obscured by their parents’ disagreement. The nut bread from Andrius uncle‘s Boleskovas hands – is a symbol of the most beautiful days of a happy childhood. For the main character, this symbol was the landmark of the conscious, carefree life that has lost its illusions. 

The “Nut bread“, played by “Vilniaus Keistuolių Teatras“ actors, breaks free from nostalgic aesthetics of a romanticized village and turns to a more sophisticated picture of Lithuania cities in the seventies. Even if the young generation is limited to Soviet-era frames, they are already filled with the rhythm of European culture and music. Uncoincidentally the soundtrack of the play was chosen to be “The Beatles“, which dictated probably this period‘s the most reviling rhythm and spirit of Andrius Šatas.

Every maturing person undergoes the inner drama, which is painted with the bright sadness and subtle irony of “Nut bread“. This play is dedicated for young people, which lives in ever-changing, a little bit cynical and pure love-denial environment, where sometimes it takes so long to allow yourself to say “I am not alone!“.

Author: the play was created based on Saulius Šaltenis short story “Nut bread”

Director: Aidas Giniotis

Length: 1 h 55 min
Language: Lithuanian

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!


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