Performance for children on a small stage

The performance for the whole family "A Chick and A Rooster" is a modern interpretation of a well-known story which was turned into a game.

How to tell a fairy tale? Can it be changed? Can traditional fairy tale heroes be helped by modern items? Can the old as the world question have a new answer? Could a rooster fly into space with a samurai sword and a Chick's eye be protected with a pair of sunglasses?

Stage designer and costume designer Ramunė Skrebūnaitė realized her dream during the years of her studies - to create a performance in which the objects that come to life would expand the space of adventure and become important participants in events. Here a girl and a boy fight for their right to believe in such a fairy tale as they remember. But playing alone is not engaging. So for the sake of a common game, children start looking for a compromise. On this road to friendship, one learns creatively about forgiveness, selflessness, and other things that are important not only to children.

"In the performance two adult people laugh and cause mischief as freely as children," says actor Viola Klimčiauskaitė, while her colleague Dalius Skamarakas adds: "The messages life-changing truths conveyed to children in the form of a game are often relatively more accessible, as they manage to find way to their hearts faster."

Vivacious music by Andrius Kulikauskas, simple and sincere lyrics of songs will engage even the youngest viewers, while older children will willingly participate in advising heroes in the face of challenges. Keistuolių theatre performances for children are always distinguished by the fact that they have no "fourth wall" - the actors and the children watching them are not separated by an invisible barrier, and every word spoken by the little spectator creates a further mood of the performance.

Parents who bring their children to this dynamic, fun and cozy performance will be able to remember once again how magic, enormous and colourful the world of every child is, even the one that lives within us.


Director, stage and costume designer - Ramunė Skrebūnaitė

Composer - Andrius Kulikauskas

Starring - Viola Klimčiauskaitė and Dalius Skamarakas

Performance for children from 3 years of age

Duration - 60 minutes

Premiere - 28 September 2013

Sponsor of the performance - Culture Support Fund

Thanks to UAB Aloritus for translating the description into English!

Photo and video