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NAME: "Raven"

SURNAME: Carlo Gozzi commedia dell‘arte

ORIGIN: Venice, Italy

YEAR OF BIRTH: 13 April 2015

PLACE OF BIRTH: Keistuolių theatre, The Grand Stage

EDUCATION: All of the creators, except artist Ramunė Skrebunaitė, graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (she graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts instead), Carlo Gozzi did not graduate from a higher education institution as we imagine it today, but it cannot be denied that he was a genius from birth.


2000-2010 Carlo Gozzi "King of the Deer" at Keistuolių theatre (directed by Aidas Giniotis)

 2006-2014 Carlo Gozzi "Princess Turandot" at Šiauliai Drama Theatre (directed by Aidas Giniotis)

 2013-present Carlo Gozzi "Love for Three Oranges" at Theatre laboratory "Open Circle" (directed by Aidas Giniotis)

LANGUAGES: Italian translated into Lithuanian

PERSONAL TRAITS: theatrical, musical, mystical, surprising, prone to improvisation, intriguing, slightly frightening, self-sacrificing, tragicomic.

HOBBIES: theater, music, magic, superstition, prophecies, fairy tales for adults, masks, Italian literature.

A FEW SENTENCES ABOUT YOURSELF: "This theatrical tale, which I found in the Neapolitan set Il cunto degli cunti, was rewritten in the form of an old tragedy, incorporating my cheerful, talented masks, which I wanted to preserve for the sake of the people with melancholy, performed a great miracle. The audience was crying and laughing as I wished, and the crowds watched the performances of this tale as if it were not fiction, but the real truth." (Carlo Gozzi)


Director - Aidas Giniotis

 Set designer and costume designer - Ramunė Skrebūnaitė

On stage - Dalius Skamarakas, Judita Urnikytė, Vaidotas Žitkus, Mantas Zemleckas, Benita Vasauskaitė, Danas Kamarauskas, Justas Tertelis, Jonas Šarkus and others.


Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (with an intermission)

The performance is sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.


Dalia Tamulevičiūtė Professional Theatre Festival - Audience Award

Lithuanian Professional Theatre Festival in Rokiškis "We Play for Farmers" - Audience Award and a Special Award for debuting actor Mantas Zemleckas

Kaunas Theatre Festival "Lithuanian Theatre Spring" - Audience Award

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