Satirical agitation based on the writings of Kazys Binkis

Keistuolių Teatras is uproariously inviting everyone who are longing for slightly bitter but contagious Lithuanian humour to see their wildly "serious" play based on the satirical poem "Raulas keliauninkas" written by Kazys Binkis. By taking off from the playful rhyming of the author himself and adding their own youthful drive, the theatre’s youngest generation of actors tell a story wrapped in wit, playfulness and crazy energy, with a healthy dose of irony. The poetic story about Raulas, a boy from a Lithuanian village who goes to Brazil to search for happiness, and its unexpected plot twists will make the viewers laugh until they cry, and encourage them to think about the eternal truth – no matter how delicious the bread may look elsewhere, there is nothing as precious as your own land! Raulas the Traveller is a play intended for everyone – both those who live abroad and those who love the theatre, both young as well as older viewers. Even the grumpiest person will be infected by the good mood of the play.

Directed by Aidas Giniotis.

Actors: Aistė Šeštokaitė, Diana Kamarauskaitė, Danas Kamarauskas, Gintautas Ulmis, Lukas Auksoraitis, Lyja Maknavičiūtė, Matas Pranskevičius, Tautvydas Galkauskas ir Urtė Smulskytė

Duration: 1 h 15 min



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