An impressive performance of a Shadow Theater from Japan for the whole family

Shadow Theater KAKASHIZA is the first professional contemporary shadow play theater troupe in Japan, with a new approach to shadow theater and a search for its individual style.

We each remember creating shadows when the shapeless hand composition took on a familiar shape. It’s hard to believe that all the characters in ANIMARE’s performance are created by the bare hands and the bodies of the performers, and light and darkness force the imagination to create the most unexpected stories. The performance of the troupe KAKASHIZA is created by manipulating lights and shadows, the animals on the wall have become acrobatic hand movements of the performers. In the show, you will see a humorous, extraordinary love story of animals.


Duration: 60 min.


All funds raised will be used to support the World Association of Theater Children and Youth Assitej Ukraine 

We also invite Ukrainian war refugees to come to the performance for free by registering here: