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play "Music 2" is a creative response by experienced theatre creators
- actors Vesta Šumilovaitė and Dalius Skamarakas together with director Justas
Tertelis - in order to reveal the strength and fragility of the relationship
between the two people in "Marguerite Duras" play.

The play depicts the reunion of a couple whose paths have diverged after three years. Their intimate conversation brings the audience and the characters together in the memories of their life together, their ongoing passions and their endless longing. It creates a new perspective that allows for a more honest and sincere conversation about their past relationship. By reviewing the experiences of the characters in the play, the performance invites us to rethink our personal relationships, to take a peek from the outside and to re-evaluate the fragility of close relationships and the danger of getting trapped in a maze of grievances and unfulfilled expectations. The performance will bring us closer to honest questions about ourselves, love relationships in the making, and the ups and downs that every second married couple in today's society cannot withstand. The audience is allowed to listen and observe up close how the characters in the play manage to hear each other now, inviting them to listen to the music of the relationship between two people, who are close, but at the same time have very different inner worlds. Music that sounds for two.

Directed by: Justas Tertelis.

Starring: Vesta Šumilovaitė and Dalius Skamarakas.

Set and costume designer: Laura Luišaitytė.

Composer: Gabrielius Zapalskis.

Translator: Akvilė Melkūnaitė.

Duration - 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission

Age restriction 14


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