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Marsha Norman "Goodnight, Mom" (directed by Ieva Stundžytė)

Where the clouds graze at night,

Mom narrates your dream.

Close your eyes and don't cry,

Fall asleep, doze off, my sunshine...

A cosy and warm, maybe a bit too cluttered mother's room. In it, among lace in different shapes and colours, lots of boxes and sweet pastries with fudgy cream, mom Telma and her grown-up daughter Jessie pass the night. Only the familiar and recognisable routine is suddenly interrupted by Jessie's words about suicidal thoughts. This news becomes the starting point for the characters to look at each other with greater care, to reconsider life and death.


The creators of this one-part tragicomedy, in their exploration of the chain of causes of this strange situation, are looking for ways to understand the sensitive, sometimes coloured by absurdities, relationships with those closest to them. The performance invites the audience to reflect together on a meaningful but often never asked question - is it possible for two people to have an open and honest conversation when the main condition is to try to really hear each other?



Director Ieva Stundžytė


Starring:  Ilona Balsytė, Diana Kamarauskaitė

Set and costume designer Laura Luišaitytė

Composer Aidas Giniotis

Lighting designer Darius Malinauskas

Duration 1 hour 30 min.

N – 14


"Originally Produced on Broadway by Dann Byck, Wendell Cherry,
The Shubert Organization and Frederick M. Zollo
Original production directed by Tom Moore
Originally produced by the American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, Mass.”

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